GSA Helps Other Government Agencies Increase Citizen Participation

August 13, 2010

Two GSA initiatives were recognized by the White House with Leading Practices awards for helping to shake loose vital government data and increase citizen participation.

The agency received special thanks during an event in Washington from U.S. Chief Technology Officer Aneesh Chopra.

“I’m here to report and pleased to celebrate that GSA, under Dave (McClure’s) leadership, has been awarded not one, but two Leading Practices for the work that they’re doing,” said Chopra. “So congrats to the GSA team and thank you for your hard work—give ‘em some love.”

Under Terms of Service Agreements developed by GSA, federal agencies agreed to a standard use agreement for new media technologies such as Twitter and Facebook. The agreements resolved any legal concerns found in many standard terms and conditions that pose problems for federal agencies, such as liability limits, endorsements, freedom of information, and governing law. The groundbreaking work helped clear the way for a flood of new social media technologies that revolutionize how government interacts with citizens. Today, GSA has arranged terms of service agreements for more than 35 new media technologies.

Through Public Engagement Tools, GSA offered, at no-cost, an online dialogue tool to other federal agencies to help them gather public feedback about their agencies' policies and programs. Citizen comments and ideas generated from this free tool helped each agency craft its Open Government Plan, which is the foundation for helping to make increase transparency and expand citizen participation.

GSA is a leading voice across government for making government more open, transparent, and participatory.

Read the White House Blog announcing the awards

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