GSA Employees Work to Strengthen Department of Defense Partnership

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Posted April 9, 2007

Many GSA employees have been working hard to enhance GSA’s relationship with its largest customer, the Department of Defense (DoD). It is because of GSA’s renewed and focused approach to improving its acquisition processes and results as well as reducing the time it takes to assure that DoD receives the best value goods and services.

This impetus is the result of a December 2006 Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between GSA and DoD that outlined more than 20 areas in which GSA and DoD could work together to achieve acquisition excellence. GSA and DoD have been doing business together since 1949 and the agreement represents both a practical and symbolic new era for cooperation and coordination.

The two agencies are meeting regularly and each has internal working groups that are focused on relationship building. GSA employees are concentrating on every aspect of an acquisition -- from the identification of requirements through contract closeout.

GSA welcomes feedback from employees on continuing to build a strong partnership with DoD and urges employees to contact with any thoughts or suggestions.

DoD/GSA Partnership [PPT]
Commitments to create and improve long-standing partnerships to better serve the taxpayer.

Partnership Update March 2007

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