Region 8 Dedicates Denver Solar Park

GSA’s Rocky Mountain Region formally dedicated the Denver Federal Center’s $6.9 million solar park June 26, 2008. The park was completed in January 2008 and will produce 10 percent of the DFC’s peak electrical energy demand, power equivalent to that used by 145 homes over a year.

As part of the ceremony, Xcel Energy of Colorado presented GSA with a check for $200,000 to buy solar renewable energy credits. Speakers included Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter Jr., GSA acting Administrator David Bibb, Fred Stoffel, Vice President of Marketing for Xcel Energy; and GSA Rocky Mountain Regional Administrator Leslie Plomondon.

The Solar Park is composed of 6,192 individual photovoltaic solar panels. Each panel is rated at 190 watts and uses polycrystalline silicon. The park produces 1.6 million kilowatts of energy each year. Because of this energy output, 1,244 metric tons of carbon dioxide are not emitted into the atmosphere, and 6.5 railcars of coal are not burned each day.

GSA owns and manages the Denver Federal Center. Located on a one square mile campus, it currently supports more than 6,000 employees from more than 25 federal agencies and bureaus. The center’s vision is to be the most sustainable campus in the country by 2020.

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