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McAllen School Receives Free Computer Equipment From Federal Government

Computers for Learning program puts excess technology into classrooms

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October 11, 2011
Tina Jaegerman 817-978-2031

McALLEN, Texas – Today, the U.S. General Services Administration donated 33 computers, monitors and printers to Our Lady of Sorrows school as part of the federal government's Computers for Learning program, which puts excess computer equipment where it's needed most – in the classroom.

"School districts are facing decreasing budgets and tough decisions. Participating in the Computers for Learning program can make those decisions a little easier," said GSA Regional Administrator J.D. Salinas. "The program is a great way for schools to keep up-to-date with today's technology without having to expend precious resources. It makes sense for the government, the schools, and the environment. And, it gives our children the computer and technology skills they will need to succeed."

Federal government agencies donate hundreds of thousands of pieces of computer equipment to local schools and eligible community groups. These donations are facilitated through the U.S. General Services Administration's Computers for Learning Program, which allows public, private or parochial schools and educational non-profit groups to “shop” for excess computer equipment available from federal agencies.

“On behalf of Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic School, I would like to thank GSA for their generous donation of the computer equipment," said Our Lady of Sorrows Principal Rolando Garza. "This type of donation will aid in the educational process of our students. It will be used as a resource in which every student on campus will be able to have access to.”

GSA works with schools across the country to match the nation's classrooms with the federal government's gently used information technology hardware. This equipment is often only three years old but still has a long useable life.

"GSA plays an important role in supporting and facilitating this effort, but ultimately the success of the Computers for Learning program is dependent on school districts actively participating to get computers and other equipment at no cost,” Salinas said. "More than 10,000 schools in Texas are eligible to participate, but less than 400 do. Many are not aware of the program and are missing out on a great opportunity.”

The GSA Computers for Learning Program is one of several federal initiatives that help support President Barack Obama's commitment to education by allowing government agencies to donate surplus computers and related equipment to schools and qualifying nonprofit educational organizations. The program, established by President Bill Clinton under Executive Order 12999, helps make computer technology an integral part of every classroom and encourages the use of innovative educational software.

While federal agencies are able to donate the equipment directly to schools, GSA helps facilitate the process by sponsoring the Computers for Learning website ( Schools and eligible organizations can register online and then browse available equipment.

Since 2006, the GSA Computers for Learning Program has provided 357,304 pieces of excess computer equipment worth $317,463,939 to thousands of eligible schools and organizations across the United States. In addition to supporting innovation and technology in education, the program also helps support sustainability initiatives by helping to reuse equipment and reduce electronic waste.


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