GSA Shapes IT Resources to Assist with Disasters in Japan

By Carolyn Barranca
General Services Administration

WASHINGTON, D.C., March 23, 2011 – In further response to the devastation and nuclear threat brought on by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, GSA’s technology experts at have created an easy-to-use, online tool or widget that links to the latest federal disaster resources. is asking agencies to place the tool or “widget” on government websites.

The widget gathers official updates from the Environmental Protection Agency, Department of State, Nuclear Regulatory Agency, Food and Drug Administration, Department of Agriculture, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Customs and Border Protection, and the American Embassy in Japan.

At the site, visitors will find:

• Updates on air quality and food safety in the United States;
• Information about potassium iodide and radiation exposure;
• Updates on imports of food, mail, and cargo from Japan;
• Information about evacuations for Americans in Japan;
• Advisories on travel to Japan;
• Information about donations and relief efforts;
• Nuclear technical assistance to Japan; and
• Disaster preparedness resources. is also working with the State Department and the National Contact Center to respond to the emergency through 800-FED-INFO (333-4636), email and online chat inquiries, and Frequently asked questions and answers about the disasters are available in English and Spanish.

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