GSA Recovery Projects Bolster Economy, Save Energy, Create Green Jobs

GSA is contributing to the nation's economic recovery by investing its $5.55 billion of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds to stimulate job growth and retention in the construction and real estate sectors, reduce energy consumption, and move the agency toward a proving ground for emerging green technologies and practices. The Recovery Act gave GSA an unprecedented opportunity to contribute to our nation’s economic recovery and environmental sustainability.

GSA has awarded more than $4.2 billion of Recovery Act funds to more than 500 companies. The money has been used for 262 projects in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and two U.S. territories.

The agency exceeded each of its award targets getting Recovery Act funds into the marketplace:

Aug. 1, 2009, target: exceeded $1 billion in contract awards
Dec. 31, 2009, target: exceeded $2 billion in contract awards
March 31, 2010, target: $4 billion in contract awards
Sept. 30, 2010, target: $5 billion in contract awards.

These investments will help further developments in energy-efficient technologies, renewable energy generation, and green building solutions in both the domestic and international public and private real estate sectors. GSA is building a sustainable, better performing portfolio as it strives to meet its commitment of achieving a zero environmental footprint in its 1,500 owned and 8,100 leased buildings.

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