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GSA Adds Pinterest to Growing List of Federal-Friendly Social Media Tools

New agreement is the latest GSA-led shared service, empowering agencies to use dozens of social media tools for mission-critical public engagement

Jan. 8, 2013

WASHINGTON -- The U.S. General Services Administration has officially added Pinterest to a growing list of social media tools that agencies can use to engage the public. By negotiating another federal-friendly Terms of Service, GSA is helping agencies make their content more accessible and open to all, going where people are already seeking their information online.

Pinterest marks the 62nd agreement with social media providers and joins the growing list of other social media tools that agencies have actively been using for several years, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others. GSA coordinates negotiations on behalf of other federal agencies to enable appropriate use. These federal-compatible Terms of Service agreements modify or remove problematic clauses in standard agreements, and enable agencies to use these tools.

“GSA not only helps agencies increase citizen engagement, we’re also saving the federal government time, money and resources by negotiating these agreements centrally rather than having dozens of different agencies do it themselves,” said Dave McClure, Associate Administrator of GSA’s Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies. “That’s a major value proposition during these lean budget times.”

Federal agencies continue to embrace social media as an effective way to engage with citizens. Examples range from life-saving use of social tools and data during Superstorm Sandy to using Facebook and Twitter for science and technology education.

Agencies will be able to use the Pinterest social platform to create pinboards that organize and share photos and other images, so they can create compelling visual stories with the public. Popular content sharing tools such as Flickr and Pinterest have the potential to open up thousands of public-use photos, graphics and other visual images that provide useful, interesting information on health, education, science, technology and other topics. Agencies have found that putting content on social networking sites allows them to reach significantly more people than if they just posted the content to their own websites.

In addition to the centrally-negotiated agreements, GSA works closely with agencies to provide training on how to use the social media tools, and supports the sharing of best practices and lessons learned among agencies.

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