DoD Acquisitions are Top GSA Commitment

GSA is making bold moves to promote faster, compliant and responsible acquisitions for its biggest customer, the Department of Defense, as well as all government agencies.

GSA is focusing on best value goods and services to the Defense Department in support of the U.S. war fighter. The GSA administrator’s resolute commitment led her to appoint the deputy administrator to head a DOD/GSA working group that meets weekly. This high-level service group has provided solutions to procurement challenges since 2007. The strategy is to cement the relationship, as outlined in a December 2006 memorandum of agreement between the two agencies.

GSA offers:

  • Acquisition expertise and efficient, effective solutions.
  • Fiscal/regulatory compliance.
  • On-schedule service delivery and flexible, ease-of-use solutions in a competitive environment.
  • Governmentwide acquisition contracts and schedules to assist in meeting socioeconomic goals.
  • Solutions supported by the Department of Defense's senior acquisition leadership.

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