Appendix 2. GSA's Mission, Vision and Goals

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GSA Mission

GSA’s mission is to use expertise to provide innovative solutions for our customers in support of their missions, and by so doing, foster an effective, sustainable and transparent government for the American people.

GSA Vision

GSA drives a high-performing, sustainable government.

GSA Strategic Goals


GSA will be a green proving ground that demonstrates the viability of new green technology and practices. GSA will test innovative solutions in its own operations and offer those solutions to other agencies through its governmentwide contracting and policymaking authorities.

Customer Intimacy

GSA will lead with its expertise to drive the market for high-performance green products, services and solutions that support its customer agencies' missions and meet or exceed their sustainability goals. GSA's agents, including the contractors who execute work on GSA's behalf, will contribute to a zero environmental footprint by setting their own greenhouse gas reduction goals in line with and supporting those of GSA.

Operational Excellence

GSA strives for performance excellence, continuous improvement and the elimination of waste in all of its operations. GSA will create agency operating conditions under which humans and nature can exist in productive harmony while maintaining financial viability and fulfilling the social, economic and environmental needs of present and future generations of Americans.

GSA High-Priority Performance Goals

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1. Sustainable Environment, Economy, Government and Democracy

GSA will take actions to directly reduce our consumption of resources, and will provide our Federal agency customers with solutions that help them manage and reduce their consumption, as well.

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2. Open Government and Transparency

GSA will drive greater transparency and openness in government through the adoption of agile technologies, processes and expertise for citizen engagement and collaboration built around innovative solutions that provide a more effective, citizen-driven government.

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3. Excellence in Solutions Delivery

As the government’s expert in real estate, GSA will work with customer agencies to develop strategic portfolio plans that best meet mission workplace needs, manage customer real estate costs and maximize the performance of GSA’s inventory.

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