9. Cross-Agency Transferability

One of the keystone principles exercised within GSA is the transfer of knowledge and best practices from us to other agencies. We share many of our contracts and expertise through communities of practice in technology and education across government. Whether in real property, travel management, fleet, DigitalGov University (formerly Web Manager University), or the Office of the Chief Information Officer, we leverage transparency, participation, collaboration and our flagship initiatives to share information with other Federal agencies. We demonstrate cross-agency transferability in several ways.

Search.USA.gov WebsiteSearch.USA.gov. Search.USA.gov transforms the public’s search experience and saves government agencies valuable resources and money by providing hosted site search services for more than 1000 government websites. Included are the U.S. government’s official English- and Spanish-language search engines on USA.gov and GobiernoUSA.gov, respectively. Search.USA.gov is a commercial-grade search engine that quickly delivers relevant, government-centric information. It displays results without the ads found in commercial search engines. Search.USA.gov provides its search services at no cost to local, state and Federal Government agencies using its infrastructure and open-source software. On USA.gov, Search.USA.gov provides access to search FAQs from 44 agencies and 200 spotlights (content that collates information from unique, sometimes difficult to find, sources) on a variety of public interest issues. Search.USA.gov also provides search for USA.gov on mobile devices at m.USA.gov and via the USA.gov iPhone app, and provides Spanish-language search at GobiernoUSA.gov. The click-through rate on search results using the system has increased from 25 percent to 33 percent, reflecting an improvement in the results’ quality and relevancy. Search.USA.gov launched the capability to search government forms and recalls on USA.gov. This enhancement improves the public’s ability to find government forms since forms.gov no longer exists. It also allows the public to easily search for recall information even though it comes from multiple agency sources. Search.USA.gov launched GovBoxes on USA.gov, which provide instant answers to searchers’ questions. Newly released GovBoxes, include an Agency GovBox (which provides contact information and lists popular pages shared via bit.ly) and a Health GovBox (which provides direct access to MedlinePlus and clinical trial information). Visit Search.USA.gov to learn more.

Sustainable Facilities ToolSustainable Facilities Tool. GSA’s Sustainable Facilities Tool is an interactive online tool that will help building managers identify and prioritize cost-effective strategies to make office buildings and workplaces more sustainable. The tool is a one-stop online resource to support decision-making regarding sustainable building principles, materials and systems.

People working on sustainable facilities projects, who do not normally engage workplace consultants or designers, can identify and prioritize cost-effective, sustainable strategies for small projects. The tool helps users understand and select environmentally preferable solutions for renovations, alterations and leases. The tool makes it easy for government and private-sector property managers to learn about sustainable practices and compare options for their renovation projects.

The website also features sustainable metrics, links to essential regulations and guidelines, case studies and an easy-to-navigate user interface. For Federal users, the tool provides useful information to meet and exceed sustainability mandates, including the Guiding Principles for Federal Leadership in High Performance and Sustainable Buildings and other mandates of Executive Order 13514. The tool captures our extensive experience in reducing the Federal Government’s environmental footprint and makes it available to the public.

We believe that government and private-sector building managers and developers will benefit from our real-world experience with proven environmentally preferable materials, technologies and systems. We introduced Sustainable Facilities Mobile to bring valuable sustainable building and workplace design guidance from sftool.gov to mobile devices. Visit Sustainable Facilities Tool for more information.

GSA Carbon Footprint Tool WebsiteCarbon Footprint and Green Procurement Tool. GSA developed the Carbon Footprint Tool to assist agencies in managing their greenhouse gas emissions as required by Executive Order 13514 and recent energy laws. The tool allows agencies to use "sliders," a form of scenario planning, which highlights how the use of certain policies, products and services can reduce energy consumption. Agencies can use the tool for a broad range of tasks, including calculating a greenhouse gas baseline, broken down by the different scopes; compiling a building-by-building emissions inventory; and preparing emissions reports for the Department of Energy’s greenhouse gas reporting portal. To access the tool, visit Carbon Footprint Tool.

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