4.1 GSA’s Public Consultation

The online collaboration tool was designed to collect public input on four main topics:

  1. Transparency,
  2. Participation,
  3. Collaboration, and
  4. Innovation.

Registered members were able to share, comment on and vote on ideas. At the end of the six weeks, 74 ideas were posted by 52 people. The 256 registered users submitted 132 comments and cast 446 votes. The ideas and comments were presented as posted, with no edits or changes. We reviewed these ideas during creation of this plan.

Twenty-two other Federal agencies participated in this online conversation. All moderators throughout the government met weekly to discuss problems and best practices in implementing this online tool to engage the public on open government. Throughout the six weeks, we at GSA made changes to the tool in response to feedback from these meetings and comments posted by users.

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