4.3 GSA's Public Dialogue

We continue our dialogue to increase public participation and to gather ideas about how we can improve openness. We engaged the public using the following forums:

  • GSA Regulatory Review,
  • The Better Buy Project, and
  • The PBS Industry Relations IdeaScale.

GSA Regulatory Review. The dialogue at GSA Regulatory Review, open through April 15, 2011, asked the public to help us design a plan we will use to periodically review our regulations. We sought general suggestions about the factors we should consider and the process we should use to review our regulations to help us set priorities in selecting regulations for review. We asked the public to include an explanation as to why a regulation should be amended, revised, streamlined or removed.

Better Buy. This dialogue continues as we solicit advice on ways to use collaborative technology to improve Federal Government acquisition. The acquisition process – the way government buys goods and services – is among the most complex and least transparent aspects of government. The Better Buy Project asks for the public’s best ideas on how to make the process more open and collaborative. We're looking primarily at the activities that take place before the government signs on the dotted line to buy a product or service. GSA will select promising ideas to be piloted on future acquisitions. Visit Better Buy Project for more information and to submit comments.

PBS Industry Relations. Our industry relations team still wants to hear from you. We are looking to the business community and other interested parties to help us create new and improved ways to get the word out on upcoming contracting opportunities with our Public Buildings Service. Whether you're a small or large business, we welcome ideas on how PBS can improve vendor outreach and support. We are seeking input on ways to increase industry awareness of opportunities with PBS, maximize industry access to critical information and resources and support industry in doing business with PBS. Visit our wiki at PBS LinkedIn Group.

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