3.2 Open Government Alignment with GSA's Strategic Transformation

We believe strongly in a culture of openness. This has been demonstrated through the new strategic goals, through the dedication of an executive to the goal of collaboration and through the creation of a high-priority performance goal that focuses on creating a transparent government.

We believe that changing fundamental behaviors, methods and processes will help us to reach new transformational goals. To reach these goals and sustain the open government momentum, our strategic plan, performance goals and budget process and governance will guide our action to implement the open government plan.

Open Government Aligns with GSA’s Strategic Goals. Our strategic goals are innovation, customer intimacy and operational excellence. Participation plays an important part in our role as the innovations engine for the government. Inviting the public to participate in our processes and decisions helps us to engage in smart risk-taking as we seek opportunities to drive excellence through innovation. Collaboration is also important to help us understand our customers and to help them accomplish their individual agency missions with integrity, responsibility and creativity.

GSA strives for performance excellence and seeks continuous improvement that will help us deliver meaningful and useful solutions for our customers, industry partners and employees. To achieve operational excellence, we embrace transparency to make information about our activities available to the public, participation to welcome input from the public and collaboration to find innovative problem-solving strategies.

The GSA Open Government Plan is a blueprint for implementing the principles of open government. Our mission, vision, and strategic and high-priority performance goals are included as Appendix 2.

GSA’s Performance Measures Incorporate Open Government Principles. GSA’s overall performance framework for open government focuses on driving greater transparency and openness in government. We plan to drive openness principles by adopting agile technologies, processes and expertise for public engagement. We plan to meet our commitment by incorporating open government principles into our daily operations.

GSA’s Plans to Increase Openness. This section highlights some of our open government goals for the next two years. Our open government plan will evolve to include our goals of transparency, participation and collaboration in our core mission areas.

Open Government Initiatives. Included in Section 5 of this plan, our open government initiatives frame our current and future open government activities. The goals of our initiatives are reflected in Appendix 4. Updates to the plan will also monitor the progress and implementation of these initiatives.

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