4.2 Ideas Chosen for Implementation

After careful review and consideration, 11 ideas were sent to GSA’s services and staff offices, with the request that they act immediately to implement the idea or explain why implementation would not be feasible. The ideas are explained more fully in the Report on GSA Citizen Engagement Public Dialogue. Of the 11, we implemented the following six ideas:

  • Make eBuy solicitations available to all vendors for perusal;
  • Develop a better GSA Advantage search engine so it provides "Google-like" results that help agencies locate services;
  • Create a North American Industrial Classification System codes and GSA Schedules Program matrix or table that can be referred to that shows which GSA schedule solutions relate to which NAICS codes;
  • The government should set up "MyGov.gov" so that citizens can make a personal profile and only get email notices about the things that are important to them;
  • GSA should add more records to Data.gov from its public-facing websites, both on and off dot-gov networks; and
  • Share contracting information across all regions; the contract specialist community, as well as other communities, aren't connected across the GSA regions.

Visit our Open Government Implementation Dashboard to track our progress implementing our open government milestones.

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