Appendix 8. Index of Updates to GSA's Open Government Plan

This table lists updates to the GSA Open Government Plan.

Date of Update Section Name and Number Description


Overall update to address GSA’s leadership role in sustainability, GSA-led U.S. National Action Plan initiatives. Includes information on GSA disclosing useful information, engaging the public in decision-making, and collaborating outside of government in Transparency, Participation and Collaboration sections. Administrator’s Message, Governance Chart, Introduction, Executive Summary, Initiatives and Performance Metrics sections updated.


6.2 GSA’s Employee Training and Engagement Tools

Added section highlighting GSA’s Online University Social Media Awareness Training.

All sections

Updated content of entire plan to include Associated Press style edits.


All sections

Updated content of entire plan and added information on open government activities since publication of Version 1.1.


Appendix 3

Updated Strategic Action Plan for Transparency.


2. Introduction

Updated and added Figure 1. Open government plan development process.

3. Leadership, Governance and Culture Change

Added introduction.

3.1 Open Government Plan Governance and Approach

Updated open government governance chart.

3.2 Open Government Alignment with GSA’s Strategic Transformation

Updated “High-Priority Performance Goals” to indicate two goals completed before June 30, 2010.

3.3 External Recognition of GSA’s Commitment to Open Government

Added section.

4. Engaging the Public to Formulate the Open Government Plan

Changed title from “Open Government Engagement Dialogue” and added introduction.

4.2 GSA’s Public Consultation

Changed title from “GSA’s Online Conversation.”

4.3 Ideas Chosen for Implementation

Added idea “GSA’s Response to Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance Linking Idea.”

4.5 GSA’s Open Government Mailbox

Added section.

5.2 Methods for Informing the Public about Our Business

Added introduction.

Updated screen shot of GSA’s open Web page.

5.4 Information Policies

Updated FOIA information to include definition of a “grant.”

Updated data quality information to include information about Initial Data Quality Plan submitted to OMB.

Updated Records Management Section and included new links.

5.5 GSA’s Governmentwide Leadership and Support of the Administration’s Transparency Initiatives

Updated IT Dashboard information.

5.6 Compliance with the Administration’s Transparency Initiatives

Included eRulemaking section.

6.1 GSA’s Governmentwide Public Engagement Initiatives

Updated Better Buy Pilots Wiki and Open Government Public Engagement Tool sections.

6.3 GSA’s Employee Training and Engagement Tools Support Mission Operations

Added information on Web 2.0 Tools and Training.

Added “Jive Employee Engagement Online Community.”

6.5 Changes to Internal Management and Administrative Policies

Added new section to include changes to clearance process for internal GSA directives.

7.1 GSA’s Governmentwide Collaboration

Updated references to working groups, changed to councils.

7.3 GSA’s Challenges and Prizes Increase Collaboration

Updated to include winner of video contest.

8.3 Challenges and Prizes Platform

Updated to include information about progress implementing the initiative.

8.4 Citizen Engagement Platform

Updated to include information about progress implementing the initiative.

9. Cross-Agency Transferability

Updated introduction.

10. Conclusion

Updated to include results of Better Buy wiki and added PBS Industry Relations Division Ideascale.

Appendix 1

Updated Communications Plan.

Appendix 2

Updated GSA mission statement.

Appendix 3

Updated Strategic Action Plan for Transparency.

Appendix 5

Updated major activities/timeline for completion tables for:

  • Challenges and prizes platform; and
  • Citizen Engagement Platform.

Appendix 9

Added table showing GSA’s compliance with Open Government Directive.

Appendix 10

Updated to include recent changes.


Section 4.2 Ideas Chosen for Implementation

Updated to more accurately reflect GSA’s progress. The previous content did not make it clear that we were still in deliberation on implementing these ideas.

Section 5.5 Compliance with the Administration’s Transparency Initiatives

Updated information.


Cover page

Updated to include image of GSA seal with eagle.

Table of Contents

Updated to include sections 9 and 10and paginated to begin on Page i.

Document footer and pagination

Updated document pagination to begin with executive summary on Page 1.

A Message from the GSA Administrator

Moved to appear before Table of Contents.

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