3.1 Open Government Plan Governance and Approach

GSA approached the development of this plan by establishing leadership roles to meet the requirements of the Open Government Directive. In addition, we:

  • Assigned two senior executive sponsors to serve as lead and co-lead and to oversee open government planning;
  • Designated a senior accountable official to implement the quality framework over financial data;
  • Assigned an open government program manager to manage the Open Government Directive requirements and reporting; and
  • Created an open government working group to facilitate cross-functional planning.

We also have representatives on various Office of Management and Budget interagency groups to assist with further planning and criteria development.

Senior executives with open government responsibilities who are involved in the governance are the Associate Administrators for the Office of Government-wide Policy, the Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies, the Office of the Chief Information Officer, the Office of Administrative Services and the Office of the Chief Financial Officer; and the chief Freedom of Information Act officer. Figure 2 shows our executive sponsors, working group and representation on OMB subworking groups.

As part of our governance, the open government executives will work with the Federal Acquisition Service and Public Buildings Service to identify future open government activities in these core mission areas. We will update our plan to include these activities and time frames.

Our open government plan responds to the Dec. 8, 2009, White House Open Government Directive and is divided into 10 major sections:

The appendices allow for easy extraction of stand-alone information such as the Strategic Action Plan for Transparency.

A chart with a list of GSA's open government staff. Open government senior executives: David McClure, lead; and Kathleen Turco, co-lead. Executives: FOIA, Anthony Costa; financial quality, Alison Doone; Strategic Action Plan for Transparency, Casey Coleman. Open government leads: Sally Kiel, MaryAnne Beatty, Regina Hunter, Kelley Holcombe, Amanda Fredriksen, and Ellen Pierzchala. Open government working group: collaboration, Gwendolyn Coley; open gov Web page, Kristal Byrd; declassification, Lewis Ratchford; privacy, Kim Mott; congressional affairs, Marcia Herzog; and FOIA records, Eleni Martin. OMB working group: open gov, Kathy Conrad and Sally Kiel; energy/green environment, Kevin Kampshroer; privacy/security/confidentiality, Kim Mott; jobs, Kim Sasajima; and quality framework, Angela Smith.

Figure 2. GSA’s Open Government Governance

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