7.3 GSA’s Training for Engagement Tools

DigitalGov University

DigitalGov University. GSA's DigitalGov University, formerly known as Web Manager University, provides government employees and contractors with world-class training in digital media and public engagement. The university now offers classes to address open government and public engagement. Since the FY '10 launch, we have offered nearly 200 classes and attracted more than 15,000 attendees from more than 100 Federal, state and local agencies. During FY '11, DigitalGov University hosted 81 training events and trained more than 10,000 attendees across the country. This represents an increase in attendance of 40 percent over FY '10. The multidisciplinary curriculum addresses the broad range of skills that agencies need to build their capacity to deliver an outstanding and innovative customer experience across government:

  • Customer service principles and techniques;
  • Web management;
  • Content strategy and plain language communications;
  • User experience, design and accessibility;
  • Search engines;
  • Social media and citizen engagement;
  • Challenges, prizes and innovations;
  • Mobile;
  • IT and emerging technology; and
  • Contact center management.

By leveraging its governmentwide scope, the program attracts leading experts in Web, new media and open government. The program includes in-person training, live webinars and an annual conference.

DigitalGov University is a prime example of cross-agency transferability to improve public access. It avoids duplication across government by minimizing multiple agencies offering the same training; creates a high-quality experience with world-class faculty since speakers know they will reach a diverse, cross-agency audience; and reduces costs by centralizing the management of the training program and procuring one training contract that benefits many agencies. Most importantly, the program connects government staff with innovators inside and outside of government, and encourages people to share their experiences and learn from each other as they implement the goals of the Open Government Directive. To learn more, visit DigitalGov University.

Online University

Online University Offers Social Media Awareness Training. Social media awareness training is now available on GSA’s Online University. The training is for registered users and focuses on the use of social media in an official capacity and provides useful information on using social media tools for collaboration with customers and stakeholders. This training lasts about 45 minutes and presents general information about social media, an overview of legal and regulatory requirements and some guidance on how to use social media for official GSA business. By openly sharing knowledge, best practices, and lessons learned within the agency with other Federal, state and local partners, and with the public, we can provide fundamental cost-savings and better solutions to enhance excellence in the business of government. In other words, social media can help us fulfill our mission, and it's important for employees to understand how to appropriately use these tools. The course is divided into several lessons, by major topic, and each lesson helps the user to understand a key principle about the appropriate use of social media. Social media has transformed the way people communicate with each other, and we encourage the use of social media technologies to enhance communication, collaboration and information exchange in support of our mission. Registered users can take the class after signing in.

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