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New electric vehicle charging stations to arrive throughout California

By Scott Nielsen

Electric vehicle charging station

GSA’s Pacific Rim Region will install 50 new electric
vehicle charging stations at 10 federal sites throughout

Thanks to a $600,000 grant from the state Energy Commission, GSA’s Pacific Rim Region will install up to 50 new electric vehicle charging stations at 10 proposed federal sites throughout California.

The new charging stations will provide greater usability for the current fleet of electric vehicles owned by the federal government, and will also serve as a tool to encourage more agencies to purchase electric and hybrid vehicles.

“This will greatly assist in our efforts to green the federal fleet in California through the conversion of conventional vehicles to electric vehicles,” said Chip Morris, Acting Regional Administrator for the Pacific Rim Region.

These green fleet initiatives are aimed at minimizing environmental impact, reducing fossil fuel consumption, and increasing alternative fuel use, especially in the form of electricity.

“GSA manages an approximately 20,000-vehicle fleet in California, and we have made progress providing our customer agencies with hybrids and plug-in hybrids. There are challenges incorporating rechargeable vehicles into the federal fleet, like vehicle cost and infrastructure to support them,” said Regional GSA Fleet Director Chris Bross. “Agencies may choose to lease, acquire or otherwise operate more plug-ins with the addition of these charging stations in federal buildings, as they will make charging infrastructure more accessible in those locations.”

Executive Order 13514 requires all federal agencies to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and become more sustainable. Converting vehicles from fossil fuels to alternative energy sources is one of many ways GSA is helping other federal agencies to achieve that goal.

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