LOGWORLD SIN 874-507 Operations and Maintenance Logistics Management and Support Services

The purpose of this SIN 874-507 is to provide a turnkey/total solution in support of a logistics function. Under the turnkey solution, a combination of support services may include, but is not limited to:

  • Janitorial services;
  • Maintenance;
  • Trash disposal;
  • Laundry;
  • Mail routing;
  • Guard; and
  • Reception and related services.

However, these services must be, incidental to and in support of, the logistics function. Individual support services may not be offered, ordered, or sold separately under this SIN.

Examples of the type of logistics related services under this SIN include:

  • Logistical support services;
  • Integrated facility management and operations management support;
  • Supply support services;
  • Equipment asset management and maintenance support services;
  • Fleet management and maintenance support services;
  • Preventative maintenance planning support services;
  • Property management and maintenance support services;
  • Strategic and tactical planning support services;
  • Strategic account management support services;
  • Mobile utility support equipment operation, maintenance and repair support services;
  • Base operations support (BOS);
  • Depot maintenance; and,
  • Project management.

Note: Separate SIN requirements are NOT a part of logistics management and support, refer to Schedule 03FAC, Facilities Maintenance and Hardware, SIN(s) 811 002, Complete Facilities Maintenance 811 003, Complete Facilities Management.

For details on all aspects of Schedule 874 V, please review Logistics Worldwide (LOGWORLD).

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