PODCAST: 2014 Federal Real Property Outlook

GSA's Commissioner of the Public Buildings Service (PBS), Dr. Dorothy Robyn and a panel of PBS Assistant Commissioners addressed the Federal Real Property Association (FRPA) to talk about the outlook for Federal Real Property for 2014. Listen to their conversation below.

Dr. Dorothy Robyn & PBS Assistant Commissioners Benson, Wisner, Peres, Bart at FRPA Meeting

The GSA panel addressing the FRPA meeting at the National Press Club, Jan. 14, 2014. (L-R) Dr. Dorothy Robyn, PBS Commissioner, Martha Benson, Assistant Commissioner for Real Property Asset Management, Chris Wisner, Assistant Commissioner for Leasing, Flavio Peres, Deputy Assistant Commissioner for Real Property Utilization and Disposal, Bart Bush, Assistant Commissioner, Client Solutions (Photo Credit: GSA)

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