Held in Public Trust

Held in Public Trust: PBS Strategy for Using Historic Buildings: In May 1999, the Historic Building program released the first comprehensive guide to PBS preservation policy and practice issued since 1979. All regions and virtually every PBS business line participated in its development. Illustrated with examples of imaginative and precedent-setting GSA projects nationwide, the guide examines PBS capital investment, facilities management, R & A design and construction, leasing, new construction, public-private partnerships, and disposal programs, in light of today's business-like approach to providing and maintaining federal workspace. The report includes an illustrated bibliography of GSA resources and many creative solutions to common historic building problems developed by GSA regions and others.

Held in Public Trust: PBS Strategy for Using Historic Buildings [PDF - 11 MB] and the 2005 follow-up report Extending the Legacy: GSA Historic Building Stewardship [PDF - 5 MB] are both available online as downloadable PDFs. Books may be obtained by contacting the Center for Historic Buildings.

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