Report on GSA Citizen Engagement Public Dialogue

From February 6, 2010 to March 19, 2010 GSA conducted an online discussion where federal employees and the public had a conversation about open government at GSA. The goal of this dialogue was to collect information on three main topics:

  1. Public input into the creation of this Open Government Plan
  2. Proposed data sets to be published by GSA
  3. Data that should be on a website.

Using the online tool IdeaScale, users could peruse ideas and comments, or register to share ideas, comment on existing ideas, and vote on ideas. At the end of the six weeks, 74 ideas had been posted by 52 people. The 256 registered users submitted 132 comments and cast 446 votes. These were unmoderated postings, although moderators were assigned to ensure that ideas and comments did not violate the terms of participation. Moderators also solicited feedback from visitors, and sent ideas and comments to GSA service offices for comments and/or actions. They did not edit the ideas in any way.

Many ideas and comments focused on broad, theoretical items that did not lend themselves to immediate action. However, 11 ideas were subject to immediate action. These ideas were sent to service and staff offices with the request that they act immediately to implement them or explain why that would not be feasible. Here are the results of these ideas; they are presented as posted by the author.

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View the 11 ideas under review [DOC - 121 KB] .

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