Federal Aviation Program Criteria and Required Questions

When writing the one (1) page Narrative/Justification, please use and follow the outline below and briefly address the main functional areas (A. Management and Administration, B. Operations, C. Maintenance, etc.). The statements included with each function area below are suggestions to assist you in writing the narrative/justification and are not required in your Narrative/Justification. The Narrative/Justification should address anything that will not be addressed in the Required Questions such as information you feel may be of interest to the judges. The Required Questions follow the outline.

(A) MANAGEMENT and ADMINISTRATION: Achievements in this category include all exceptional improvements, innovative changes, or an extraordinarily high level of performance during 2010, and past years related to general management and leadership of an aviation program. Achievements may also include managing an organization and its personnel; contracting for or acquiring and disposing of aircraft and related parts, equipment, and facilities; budgeting and financial management; contracting; developing and enforcing policy/standards; developing and administering tracking and reporting systems; and reporting complete and accurate data, on time, to the Federal Aviation Interactive Reporting System (FAIRS).

(B) OPERATIONS: Achievements in this category include all “above and beyond” operational performance during 2010, significant improvements in operational performance measures, or the adoption of innovative procedures related to flight operations. Innovations may include scheduling, dispatching, crew member duties, emergency procedures or equipment, and other responsibilities related to aircraft operations.

(C) MAINTENANCE: Excellence in this category translates to significant improvements in maintenance-related performance measures, cost-effective improvements to practices, procedures, tools, or facilities, or on-time, on-budget completion of a major project related to maintaining aircraft and related parts and equipment. You may also want to address scheduled and unscheduled maintenance; modifications; repair and rework (organizational level, intermediate level, or depot level); parts acquisition and management; and facilities management.

(D) TRAINING: Training programs show results through outstanding or improved safety/operational performance measures; are comprehensive, continuous, and innovative; and include training for all aviation program personnel. You may also address initial and recurrent training for management and administrative personnel, operational personnel (such as pilots and crew members), maintenance personnel, aviation safety officers, and qualified non-crew members who do their jobs while flying.

(E) SAFETY: Superior safety programs also show results through outstanding or improved safety/operational performance measures and involve safety assurance throughout your aviation program, whether on the ground or in the air. Include initiatives for risk analysis and risk management; internal and external assessments/inspections and enforcement of safety standards including Aviation Resource Management Surveys (ARMS) or other type surveys; systems for tracking, reporting, and communicating hazards, incidents, accidents, and accident prevention information; and safety awards programs. Or, what has your agency done to incorporate SMS into its existing safety program? Don’t forget to include performance measures for safety oversight

Required Nomination Questions:

Along with the one-page Narrative/Justification, nominations for a Federal Aviation Program Award are required to provide answers to the following questions. Answers to all of the questions should be no more than four (4) pages in total.


(1) Briefly describe your program to include the number of aircraft, number of people, mission, flying hours, cost of program, etc. What are your program’s performance measures/metrics for program management/administration? Did you meet or exceed them during 2010?

(2) Did you report complete and accurate data to FAIRS? You may want to describe (1) how your agency collects and reports aviation cost, usage, operations, maintenance, and safety data and develops performance measures and (2) any steps you took in 2010 to improve your data collection and reporting process.


(1) If you operate Federal aircraft, what are your performance measures/metrics for operations? Did you meet or exceed them in 2010?


(1) What are your performance measures/metrics for maintenance? Have you included performance measures for maintenance in your contracts (as applicable)? Did you and/or your contractors meet or exceed your goals in 2010?


(1) What are your performance measures/metrics for training? Did you meet or exceed your training goals in 2010?


(1) What are your safety performance measures/metrics? How many accidents and incidents (in accordance with NTSB 830) did your agency experience in 2010, and what was your accident rate? Did you meet or exceed your safety goals in 2010?

(2) Did you report all 2010 accidents and incidents to the NTSB and GSA per the regulations?


(1) What are the (2) best practices used by the program?

(2) What has your program done to improve sustainability, reduce its ‘carbon footprint’, reduce cost, or increase efficiency and effectiveness?

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