Client Portfolio Planning

President Obama has directed the entire federal government to reduce its office space throughout the nation and GSA is at the forefront of this initiative. One of the most important tools to support our agencies in this effort is Client Portfolio Planning (CPP). This program helps examine an agency’s real estate portfolio in order to reduce square footage, increase asset utilization, minimize their impact on the environment, and ultimately save taxpayer dollars.

The image shows that Public Building Service (PBS) implemented 12 Client Portfolio Plan opportunities, which equals actual savings of $20 million and 580,000 reduced square footage, which is equal to 10 average U.S. houses.

In FY14, GSA completed twelve Client Portfolio Plans. Those plans represent opportunities for federal agencies to achieve an annual rent savings/avoidance of $149 million and reduce space by 5.3 million rentable square feet. In FY 2014, GSA implemented opportunities from those plans which represent an actual savings of more than $20 million and a reduction of almost 580,000 rentable square feet. To date, Client Portfolio Plans have resulted in $31 million in annual rent savings and reductions totaling approximately one million square feet. These savings will be utilized by GSA and other agencies to support the transition to more efficient space, which will yield annual rent savings for years to come. In FY15, plans will be developed for three new agencies, two of which are FBI and USDA and GSA expects to complete projects resulting in over $20 million in annual rent savings.

As we look to provide the services that the American people need, Client Portfolio Planning is a valuable program to improve the federal government’s efficiency and effectiveness in its use of resources.

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