Full Time Employees

Full-time equivalents (FTE) are defined as the total number of hours worked, divided by the number of compensable hours applicable to each fiscal year. Compensable hours include leave, but not holiday and overtime hours. In FY 2014, GSA expended 11,502 full-time equivalents (FTE). This total represents an approximately 3% reduction (383 FTE) from the FY 2013 total (11,885 FTE), and a roughly 8% reduction from the FY 2012 total (12,505 FTE).

The image shows the reduction in staff from fiscal year (FY) 2012 to 2014. In FY 14, we had 11,502 Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) employees. From FY 12 to 13 GSA Staff Offices had 120 fewer FTEs, Federal Acquisition Service(FAS) had 232 fewer FTEs, and Public Buildings Service (PBS) had 269 fewer FTEs. From FY 13 to 14, Staff Offices had 844 more FTEs, FAS had 458 fewer FTEs, and PBS had 733 fewer FTEs. Note: In FY 14 GSS shifted employees from FAS to PBS as part of a consolidation effort, causing the large decrease in the business line services and large increase within the staff offices.

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