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Sustainability, Musical Chairs, and More in Albany, New York

Region 2 TSA Albany Training Room

It was like a game of musical chairs for several agencies in the Albany, New York area. But, in the end, everyone had a seat and the transaction was a great example of coordination, savings for taxpayers, and sustainability at work!

When the Federal Highway Administration had office chairs they no longer needed, GSA’s local Building Manager knew that the local Transportation Security Agency was looking for some new matching chairs for their training room. A match was made. Rather than have the used FHWA chairs end up in a landfill, the TSA was happy to take them and save the cost of new chairs they had estimated at $15,000. All that was needed was for the chairs to be picked up from FHWA, steam cleaned to almost new condition, and then delivered to TSA – all for a fraction of the cost of buying new chairs.

However, what could TSA do with their old training room chairs? Always looking to do a good deed, the TSA Administrative Officer worked through GSA Excess, and transferred the 34 used TSA chairs to the Utica, NY Boy Scout Council where they will be used at Boy Scout Camps that serve several counties in the area.

In the end, the FHWA chairs stayed out of a landfill, TSA got “new” matching chairs for their training room at a savings to taxpayers, and even the Boy Scouts benefited. All the agencies involved maintained focus on saving taxpayer dollars and being sustainable.

Federal agencies can find out more about GSA’s property disposal and utilization programs at the property disposal webpage.

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