Better Leveraging the Purchasing Power of the Federal Government

GSA considers market share to be a measure of how well it is serving its customers in both offerings and delivery of services. Market share increases when customers can find what they are looking for and when they can conduct their transactions efficiently.

Today, GSA provides federal agencies over 11 million different products and services and delivers over $55 billion annually in information technology solutions and telecommunications services, assisted acquisition services, travel and transportation management solutions, motor vehicles and fleet services, and charge cards. We manage over 205,000 leased vehicles, more than 3.5 million charge cards, and provide personal property disposal services to facilitate the reuse of $1 billion in excess/surplus property annually.

GSA has established a federal market share goal of 17% in 2014, a significant increase from its market share of approximately 14% realized in FY 2013. This target for FY 2014 will be achieved by providing Federal agencies approximately $54B in products and services out of the $335B federal budget that is serviced by FAS offerings.

This goal is aggressive but it also is achievable due to many of the programs and initiatives that we are undertaking in 2014, beginning with the development of the Common Acquisition Platform. This will position GSA to offer our partners the kind of high-quality expertise and guidance they need for their acquisitions, while driving down costs of goods and services as well as costs of procurement.

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