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GSA Welcomes Its Administrator to Mile High City

It’s exciting when a GSA Administrator visits a region. The Region has the opportunity to extend its local hospitality and share some of its business successes while introducing its employees who deliver GSA’s excellent services daily. GSA’s key vision is to move the agency more aggressively toward operational excellence, help us become better proactive federal partners, and position us as an economic catalyst.

Denise Roth addressing employees at a townhall meeting

That said, we cannot capitalize on our vision without having talented employees. The Region wasted no time giving Administrator Turner-Roth the opportunity to meet some of them first hand. After meeting with regional leadership, she participated in a brown bag lunch session that consisted of a cross section of employees at all levels in the organization.

Denise Roth talking with small group of 15 employees

Some had been with GSA as many as 15 years and others were part of the Emerging Leaders Program and had been with the agency fewer than two months. The Administrator heard impressions these employees have of the agency, successes they are experiencing in projects, as well as challenges they face and what they’re hoping to see in GSA’s future. Discussions were had regarding overarching policy issues as well as local projects. The Administrator in turn shared her vision regarding FAS and PBS and interdisciplinary project management, a large part of GSA’s overall culture.

After finishing lunch, the Administrator connected with the Region’s “Engagement Team” that leads region-wide efforts to keep staff engaged throughout the year. Culture, after all, is what distinguishes an organization and can make or break their success. Region 8 was not going to pass up the opportunity to share its unique recipe for success on what motivates its employees. Proper balance of work, life, and fun are the key ingredients that make R8 unique.

Of course, a major component to GSA’s business are federal customers and the community in which we do business. The agenda was packed with meetings to give Administrator Turner-Roth an opportunity to share and update attendees on GSA’s major goals and priorities. The Mile High City, Denver, has one of the best-educated workforces and is a hotbed for technology and startups. As a matter of fact, in the summer of 2014, Denver became home to The U.S. Patent And Trademark Office further bolstering supporting innovation and creativity in the west.

Denise Turner Roth at Business Forward meeting with group of people

Administrator Turner-Roth participated in a roundtable with ACT-IAC members (both government and industry partners) to share GSA’s role as an operational catalyst in the government marketplace and how that impacts innovation. She also met with a small group of business leaders via Business Forward (non-government website) in order to hear about their experiences and concerns regarding doing business with GSA. It was a perfect opportunity to share how GSA wants to make it easier for startups to bid on contracts and more (non-government website).

The region would be remiss if it hadn’t given the Administrator a tour of the recently renovated regional headquarters office at the Denver Federal Center in Building 41. It’s home to about 390 GSA employees and a model of the Workplace Program. By reducing the footprint 50%, GSA’s new space results in 136 sf per person all-in. Rent savings exceeds $850,000 per year with a project payback realized in less than three years.

Image of shared space at the Denver Federal Center Building 41

Face-to-face meetings cannot be replaced by technology. The interactions build trust, understanding, and a real sense of a shared mission. We are in the business of people so The Rocky Mountain Region was honored to be able to host the Administrator’s first visit to the Mile High City.

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