2015 Year in Review

VISION UPDATE: Jan 1, 2016

The end of the year is a great time to look back and reflect on our achievements over the previous 12 months. Administrator Roth recently sent a 2015 holiday message to GSA, thanking staff for their hard work this year and looking forward to the important work of 2016. GSA’s technology, real estate, and acquisition services accomplished amazing things over the past year. Let’s review some of the highlights.

GSA’s 2015 in Photos
Here is a look back at some of GSA’s most memorable images of the past year.

GSA’s Year in Photos

At GSA, our goal is to ensure government has the best technology services in order to increase government operational efficiency and allow agencies to better focus on their core missions. In 2015, we made big strides to make our goal a reality.

This year, our Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies, where our 18F technology consultancy is housed, worked to deploy tools for the entire federal government, working with federal agencies across the spectrum to help make government services simple, effective, and efficient.

GSA IT led innovation and growth to make GSA more efficient and worked on projects that can be used by other government agencies. The Office of Information, Integrity, and Access within GSA's Office of Government-wide Policy also made strides toward helping government meet the demand for online services. Here is a look back at some of the achievements that helped make 2015 a successful year in technology.

2015 Technology in Review

Federal agencies from across government are using GSA's Federal Acquisition Service to save themselves time and money-and these savings are passed along to the American taxpayer. Here is a look back at some of the achievements that helped make 2015 a successful year.

2015 FAS in Review

It is the Public Buildings Service's (PBS) mission to provide effective, mobile, sustainable workplace solutions for federal agencies at the best value for the federal government. In 2015, we worked to reduce and modernize the government’s real estate footprint. PBS has increased the use of data analyses to help guide our decision making processes producing significant savings and better service for the American people. Here are some the highlights over 2015.

2015 PBS in Review

Congratulations on a successful 2015!

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