Fleet Consolidation

The image shows that hybrid or alternative fuel vehicles are 72 percent of the GSA auto fleet. The vehicles helped GSA achieve a miles per gallon improvement of 20.5 percent.

GSA Fleet manages more than 200,000 vehicles on behalf of the federal government. By operating a fleet of vehicles that serves multiple agencies, GSA is providing a far more efficient service than individual agencies managing their own fleets. GSA fleet operations eliminate redundant administrative burdens and programs while also providing a unified way of conducting business to maximize savings.

In addition, GSA is supporting a more sustainable government through the management of the Fleet. Currently, more than 72% of the fleet is composed of alternative fuel and hybrid electric vehicles. In FY 2014 the fleet achieved an improvement in miles per gallon of more than 20 percent. GSA is working to green the Fleet by offering agencies the opportunity to replace their aging vehicles with hybrids at no cost. Over 4,000 hybrids were purchased under this initiative in 2014, resulting in a projected reduction of more than 600,000 gallons of fuel per year for the life of these vehicles. GSA continues to offer this opportunity in FY 2015.

GSA Fleet leads the federal government in customer satisfaction, cost per mile, vehicle utilization, compliance with environmental policies and regulations, and cost of operations per vehicle.

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