FY2015 Increase Business Volume through Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiatives (FSSI)

Strategic sourcing is the collaborative and structured process of critically analyzing an organization's spending and using this information to make business decisions about acquiring commodities and services more effectively and efficiently. Business volume in FSSI is an important proxy of program growth and the adoption rate of agencies utilizing FSSI solutions.

The image shows fiscal year (FY) 2014 increase in business volume through using the Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiatives (FSSI). In total, we had $315.3 million in savings through FSSI in FY 14. Wireless had $4.2 million, Maintenance Repair & Operations had $9.8 million, Office Supplies 2 had $134.2 million, Domestic Delivery Service 2 had $133.7 million, Print Management had $21.6 million, Telecommunications Expense Management had $11.7 million in savings.

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