GSA launches a nationwide economic catalyst initiative

VISION UPDATE: November 23, 2015

GSA launched a nationwide economic catalyst initiative that will better align agency’s building, leasing, and relocation plans with the economic development goals of local communities while also improving outcomes for the federal government and our partner agencies.

The GSA Administrator, Denise Turner Roth, joined with elected officials and local stakeholders in Detroit, Cambridge, Mass., and Charlotte, N.C., to launch this new initiative.

In Detroit, GSA has purchased a commercial building for $1 that will be a catalyst for development opportunity in the city’s center. In Cambridge, GSA’s exchange of a 14-acre federally owned site will drive development in one of the most valuable markets in the country. In addition, the agency’s build-to-suit lease in Chelsea, Mass., just a few miles away from Cambridge, has been a catalyst for the development of hotels and residences. Finally, in Charlotte, GSA’s exchange of a 3.2-acre federally owned site to the city will drive transit-oriented development due to its proximity to a future multi-modal transit station.

These examples represent the types of economic development opportunities that GSA plans to create across the country with the Economic Catalyst Initiative.

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