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GSA, NISH strengthen relationship through joint roundtable

By Paulina Sheung

GSA Property Management Branch Chief Patrick Jones
GSA Property Management Branch Chief Patrick Jones represents the agency at the roundtable.

On June 20, 2013, regional GSA staff participated in a successful GSA/NISH roundtable event in San Francisco. More than 45 representatives from GSA, NISH, the Small Business Administration (SBA), non-profit agencies and vendors attended the dynamic information session.

“Over the years, the annual GSA/NISH Roundtable has proven to be a great way to strengthen our partnership with the NISH Pacific West Office, and our shared commitment to the NISH program as a whole,” said GSA Property Management Branch Chief Patrick Jones. “Both of our offices, as well as the non-profit agencies, benefit from the various presentations and honest dialogue during the day.”

To further develop GSA's relationship with NISH, Jones presented a certificate of appreciation to Job Options Inc., the NISH non-profit contractor performing janitorial and grounds maintenance at the “world’s busiest land port of entry,” San Ysidro. With over 25,000 pedestrians and 50,000 vehicles crossing the border daily, as well as a major construction project in progress, Job Options Inc. employees have exceeded GSA’s performance expectations. These employees have worked hard on a daily basis to keep up with the cleaning requirements of the port along with responding to any emergencies. Their performance was cited as being extremely prompt and reliable at any time of the day.

"This year, it was my pleasure to be able to formally recognize one of the NISH service providers, Job Options Inc., for their outstanding work at the San Ysidro Land Port of Entry,” said Jones. “I was very pleased to, again, be a part this year's roundtable, and I look forward another successful year with our partners at the NISH Pacific West Office."

NISH, a national nonprofit that announced its rebranding to SourceAmerica™ on July 1, creates employment opportunities for people with severe disabilities. Through their work, they make the American dream more accessible to a segment of the population where nearly 80 percent do not have jobs.

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