GSA Breaks Ground on New FAA Facility

VISION UPDATE: June 15, 2016

The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) officially broke ground on a new facility for the FAA at the Des Moines Activity Center in Seattle, Washington. The 300,000 square foot Northwest Mountain Regional Office project will allow the FAA to consolidate its Seattle-based workforce into a single leased facility. The groundbreaking is a milestone for both GSA and FAA who have worked to address FAA’s long term space needs. GSA often collaborates with customer agencies to devise strategies and support to provide superior service to the American people.

“Through this lease, the FAA will be able to make better use of their real estate by consolidating five locations into one and reducing their real estate footprint by nearly 60,000 rentable square feet.” said Norm Dong, GSA Public Buildings Service Commissioner.

The consolidation is part of the federal government’s initiative to reduce real estate costs by integrating space, people, and technology solutions to workplace needs. GSA uses its resources to carry out the mission of stimulating economic development among communities across the nation. These practices have contributed to reducing our environmental footprint, creating valuable savings, and serving communities in a positive way.

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