Historic Preservation Library

Building Economics

Name Format Size Publish Date
Economic Impact of Federal Facilities on CBDs [PDF - 2 MB] PDF 1771k
The Economics of Preserving Historic Federal Building [DOC - 37 KB]s Word 37k

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Executive Order 13006

Name Format Size Publish Date
Fact Sheet [PDF - 3 MB] Executive Order 13006 PDF 3107k
Real Estate Compliance Checklist [DOC - 69 KB] Executive Order 13006 Word 55k

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Name Format Size Publish Date
GSA Historic Buildings Leasing Report [PDF - 2 MB] PDF 1681k
GSA Historic Property Leasing Price Preference [PDF - 284 KB] 48 CFR Part 552 PDF 291k
Lease Solicitation Clauses [DOC - 31 KB] Word 31k

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Name Format Size Publish Date
Architecture of the Great Society [PDF - 1 MB] Assessing GSA's buildings constructed during the 1960s and 1970s. PDF 1338k
Byron G. Rogers Federal Office Building and Courthouse [DOC - 746 KB] Case Study Word 763k
GEM Assessment Tool [PDF - 481 KB] Published as part of Growth, Efficiency, and Modernism PDF 492k
Growth, Efficiency, and Modernism: GSA Buildings of the 50s, 60s and 1970s [PDF - 6 MB] PDF 6393k 3/25/2006

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Preservation Desk Guide

Name Format Size Publish Date
Preservation Desk Guide - Index [DOC - 204 KB] Word 208k
Preservation Desk Guide - Table of Contents [DOC - 233 KB] Word 238k

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Project Management Tools

Name Format Size Publish Date
106 Compliance Requirements for Buildings Under 50 [DOC - 32 KB] Word 32k
Budgeting for Section 106 Compliance [DOC - 39 KB] Word 39k
Competency Specification for Preservation Construction Contractors [DOC - 273 KB] Word 279k
Courthouse Project Decision Tree [PDF - 326 KB] PDF 333k
Historic Building Projects Decision Tree [PDF - 311 KB] PDF 318k
Preservation Design and 106 Compliance Scope of Work [DOC - 43 KB] Word 44k
Project Manager's Checklist [DOC - 42 KB] Word 42k
Qualification Requirements for Preservation Architects and Other Specialists [DOC - 50 KB] Word 51k
Section 106 Compliance Report Template [DOC - 24 KB] Word 24k
Site Solicitation Clause for NHPA and E.O. 13006 Compliance Placement [DOC - 23 KB] Word 23k

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Name Format Size Publish Date
Extending the Legacy [PDF - 5 MB] GSA Historic Building Stewardship PDF 4811k 12/1/2004
Extending the Legacy [PDF - 8 MB] GSA Historic Building Stewardship 2008 PDF 8190k 11/1/2008
Held in Public Trust [PDF - 11 MB] PBS Strategy for Using Historic Buildings PDF 11665k 1/1/1999

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Technical Resources

Name Format Size Publish Date
Fire Safety Retrofit [PDF - 2 MB] PDF 2023k
First Impressions at Historic Buildings [PDF - 372 KB] PDF 381k
HVAC Upgrades in Historic Buildings [PDF - 560 KB] PDF 573k 4/1/2009
Historic Building Roofing [PDF - 425 KB] PDF 435k 4/1/2009
Interior Signage for Historic Buildings [PDF - 370 KB] PDF 379k
Perimeter Security for Historic Buildings [PDF - 2 MB] Technical Pilot PDF 2403k
Upgrading Historic Building Lighting [PDF - 724 KB] PDF 741k 4/1/2009
Upgrading Historic Building Windows [PDF - 784 KB] PDF 803k 4/1/2009

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