1.5 Guides

The Facilities Standards and the noted guides apply to the GSA building program.
(In case of conflict between the Facilities Standards and a specific building guide, the guide takes precedence.)

Facilities Standards Information

Federal Courthouses See also: U.S. Courts Design Guide; U.S. Marshals Service Requirements and Specifications for Special Purpose and Support Space Manual - sections 1,2 & 3

Border Stations See also: United States Border Station Design Guide (PBS – PQ130)

Child Care Centers See also: Child Care Center Design Guide (PBS – P140)

Design Excellence GSA PBS The Design Excellence Program Guide, Building a Legacy. GSA PBS Design Excellence in Leasing.

Fine Arts GSA PBS Fine Arts Program Desk Guide 2002.

Other Building Types Facilities Standards generally apply, within specific building functional requirements
Historic Buildings See also: Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation and Guidelines for Rehabilitating Historic Buildings (36 CFR67).

Landscape See also: local standards. Also use American Association of Nurserymen: ANSI Z60.1 in
addition as a design guide.

Security Interagency Security Committee’s Security Design Criteria. GSA PBS Design Notebook for
Federal Lobby Security

Site Selection GSA PBS Site Selection Guide.

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