5.4 Program Goals

Design Integration. As represented in Appendix A-2, mechanical systems must be selected to routinely address multiple program goals, including: workplace performance, sustainability, energy efficiency, security, fire safety, historic preservation and operations/maintenance concerns, as well as other project expectations. Design solutions shall not sacrifice the basic needs of one program area to optimize another. Instead, mechanical designs must optimize program areas to the extent possible, assuring attainment of all critical performance goals. Prior to making any mechanical systems solutions, their designer shall visit the Whole Building Design Guide website to identify program goal principles and to consider available technologies.

Life Cycle Costing. Life cycle cost analysis shall comply with requirements addressed in Chapter 1. This includes consideration of analysis period, escalation discount rates, and other parameters. The indicated software program, “Buildings Life Cycle Cost”, is recommended when used with provisions that support “Federal Analysis—Projects Subpart to OMB A-94 Guidelines.”

The baseline HVAC systems described in the following section set minimum system requirements and act as a reference from which advantages and disadvantages of other systems or sub-systems can be compared.

Any deviation from the GSA defined baseline standards or from the directives described herein shall not be permitted unless previously identified in project programming requirements, and submitted directly to and subsequently authorized by the Office of the Chief Architect.

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