1.9 Metric Standards

Ronald Reagan Federal Building atrium
skylight isometry, Washington, DC

All projects will be produced using the International System (SI) unless otherwise directed by the Chief Architect. A project is "metric" when:

  • Specifications show SI units only.
  • Drawings show SI units only.
  • Construction takes place in SI units only.
  • Inspection occurs in SI units only.
  • Cost estimating is based on SI units only.

Reference Metric Design Guide (PBS-PQ260).

English and Metric Measurement Reference
A majority of dimensions set by standards and codes currently remain in the English measure system. It is the intent of GSA to support the conversion to metric. Therefore, when a dimensional requirement is stated in this document, the designated dimension by code or
regulation will be placed in parenthesis and the corresponding representation in the other measurement system will be placed adjacent to it.

Example: (5’) 1.52M diameter clearance for navigation of a wheeled chair in an accessible toilet room.

Last Reviewed: 2019-02-26