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Timeline: Montgomery Greyhound Bus Station Preservation

December 6, 2012

Timeline: Preservation of the Montgomery Greyhound Bus Terminal

1992 Site selection for the Frank M. Johnson, Jr. Federal Building and Courthouse (FMJ) Annex began.
1993-1996 GSA acquired the Greyhound Bus Terminal (Bus Station) as part of the initial site acquisition for the FMJ Annex. Negotiation took place between GSA, Alabama Historic Commission (AHC), Montgomery County Historical Society, and Advisory Council on Historic Preservation regarding treatment of historic properties affected by construction of the FMJ Annex.
1996 A Memorandum of Agreement was signed stipulating that AHC would preserve and maintain the Bus Station as a Museum, GSA would maintain oversight of the physical structure, and the U.S. Marshals would provide for building security.
1996-2002 GSA utilized the Bus Station as a construction office during the construction of the FMJ Annex ($60.2M) and FMJ rehabilitation ($16M) projects. Rehabilitation included restoration of the courthouse’s façade, lobby, and chambers and courtroom belonging to Judge Frank M. Johnson, Jr.
2002 GSA commenced the lease of the Bus Station to AHC for 19 years with two (2) 10-year renewal options for a nominal fee.
2005-2007 GSA and AHC fine-tuned plans to restore and interpret the Bus.
2007-2008 AHC restored the Bus Station’s exterior and produced an exterior interpretive exhibition.
2009 GSA submitted a National Register of Historic Places nomination for the Bus Station, recognizing the property as significant for its historic association to the May 20, 1961 event when Freedom Riders were attacked there upon arriving in Montgomery.
2010 GSA successfully negotiated a shared arrangement allowing the Courthouse’s Mailroom and the Museum to both operate within the Bus Station.

May 16 The former Bus Station was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

May 20 On the 50th Anniversary of the 1961 Freedom Rides, the AHC opened the Freedom Rides Museum. After the opening ceremonies, the U.S. District Court (USDC) dedicated the Frank M. Johnson, Jr. Collection, an exhibit honoring Johnson’s life and career, in the Courthouse.


November 2 The National Trust for Historic Preservation presented its 2012 National Trust for Historic Preservation / Advisory Council on Historic Preservation Award for “Federal Partnerships in Historic Preservation” to The Montgomery Greyhound Bus Station/Freedom Rides Museum in Spokane, Washington during its annual conference. The award was presented to U.S. General Services Administration. Co-recipients of the award are Alabama Historical Commission, Greyhound Bus Station Advisory Committee, and U.S. District Court, Middle District of Alabama.

December 6 In a Montgomery, Alabama ceremony, the “Federal Partnerships in Historic Preservation” award is presented to GSA, AHC, USDC, and Greyhound Bus Station Advisory Committee, providing more people directly involved in the project an opportunity to witness the award presentation first-hand.

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