1.4 Commissioning

Definition. All GSA capital construction projects shall employ Total Building Commissioning (TBC) practices to assure delivery of program goals and related performance requirements. TBC practices shall be applied as described herein and within ASHRAE Guideline 0P, entitled “The Commissioning Process.”

GSA’s commissioning process begins with design criteria (as contained within P-100) and client driven design programming requirements, reflected in design A/E selection factors, carried into design through technical submissions/reviews, followed by construction quality control/inspections and tests, leading to turnover practices for facility operations and subsequent recertification testing. This is then followed by extended operating practices and a Post Occupancy Evaluation that provides the necessary lessons-learned to both define research needs and subsequent criteria enhancement.

Graphic showing the structure of the GSA Commissioning Team

Commissioning Team. For GSA, commissioning is the responsibility of the entire delivery team. Each member must do their part to ensure that all decisions reflect programmed goals, that submissions/constructed features are reviewed/tested for effectiveness, and that proper documentation is made to certify and support the maintenance of expectations.

Architect-Engineer Role. The design architect-engineer shall identify all functional and performance testing/certification requirements for designed features, systems, components, equipment, and materials, necessary to assure programmed performance goals. Commissioned parameters are to address functional/performance issues, not incidental quality control testing. Performance goals that involve construction contractor testing and certifications shall be reflected within construction specifications. sonstruction specification references shall also define any required permanent testing and research equipment/provisions.

Procedurally, the A/E is responsible for initiating Program Review Workshops at the beginning of each design submission stage, to review expectations and to identify delivery team concerns. The A/E shall coordinate with the construction manager and, if contracted separately, the commissioning authority, to fully define commissioning based issues and testing procedures.

Identifying Commissioning Requirements. Selected performance goals must balance the critical nature of expectations with inspection/testing and certification costs. The A/E shall coordinate with GSA’s project manager and the project’s involved commissioning authority in identifying appropriate development, inspection, and testing practices. Commissioning practices and certifications are addressed within individual chapters of this document.

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