GSA Vision Provides Roadmap for 2016 Success

VISION UPDATE: January 7, 2016

GSA is the backbone of the U.S. Government. By carrying out our mission of delivering the best value in real estate, acquisition, and technology services to both the government and the American people, we allow our federal partners to better focus on their core missions,providing healthcare, veterans’ benefits, defending our country and much more.

This year, we will continue carrying out our mission, with an emphasis on putting GSA’s vision into action.

“I am committed to lead GSA in expanding our efforts as a proactive partner in support of other government agencies, raising the high degree of operational excellence for which we are already known, and enhancing our role as a catalyst for economic development across the country.”
– Administrator Denise Turner Roth

In November, Administrator Roth launched GSA’s economic catalyst initiative to better align the agency’s building, leasing, and relocation plans with the economic development goals of local communities.This year, we will continue making smart decisions regarding federal agency leases, buildings, and tenants with the goal of supporting local economic development. And, we will build on the successes of 2015 by making it easier for businesses, especially small enterprises, to work with the government.

We will also expand our efforts to be a proactive federal partner by ensuring strong service to our agency customers, driving procurement excellence, and working to reduce our footprint and modernize our facilities.This also includes providing our federal agency customers with the best technology services possible.

In 2016, we will also continue to raise our already high standard of operational excellence. We will do this by continuing to ensure that we have a strong, diverse, optimized workforce. GSA employees will pursue using effective tools to make decisions based on objective facts and data. And our performance management processes will be strengthened to drive outcomes.

There is much to do in 2016, but as history has shown, the dedicated and passionate GSA team will get the job done. Happy New Year and let’s get started!

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