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18F brings together the Presidential Innovation Fellows program and a cutting edge digital delivery team to provide new ways to procure, build, and deliver innovative technology, digital services, and public-facing applications. The men and women on this team are recruited from the most innovative corners of the private and public sectors and they are passionate about finding new ways to drive efficiency, transparency, and savings for government agencies and the American people.

By bringing together the people, principles, and values of the technology startup world with the most effective people inside government, 18F assists agencies in closing the gap between the public’s expectations and their current perceptions of government.

This program delivers high quality in-house digital services using agile methodologies pioneered by top technology startups. The 18F team rapidly deploys working prototypes and offers digital tools that lead to governmentwide reuse and savings, allowing agencies to reinvest in their core missions.

To find out more about how 18F is building a 21st century government, visit the 18F website.

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