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Maine Renovation Project Employs Over 500 Local Tradesmen

GSA and the U.S. District Court recently joined representatives from the offices of U.S. Senators Susan Collins and Angus King, city government officials and contractors in a ribbon cutting commemorating renovation completion of the Margaret Chase Smith Federal Building and Courthouse in Bangor, Maine.

Over the course of three years, more than 500 local trade and construction personnel were hired, including project managers, engineers, superintendents, architects, administrative and accounting personnel, and building design and construction specialists to transform the 1967 facility into a high performance green building. In addition, more than 60 local subcontractors and suppliers were contracted over the duration of the project.

As of 2010, the substantially vacant facility had not had a major renovation and was operating with many of its original antiquated HVAC and building system components. The building modernization project recaptured approximately 42,000 rentable square feet allowing expansion room for existing tenants and space for new tenants. As a result, the building is fully occupied and on track to receive LEED Platinum and Energy Star Certifications. The project was completed ahead of schedule and within budget.

High Performance Green Building Features

  • Geothermal heating and cooling plant
  • 90Kw photovoltaic solar array
  • 60Kw micro turbine
  • Controllable energy-efficient lighting
  • Rainwater collection and irrigation system
  • Complete window replacement
  • New pavilion

Project Contractors

  • exp.U.S. Services, Inc. (formerly Teng and Associates), Chicago, IL - Design Architect
  • Consigli Construction, Portland, ME - Construction Contractor (CMc)
  • Coast & Harbor Associates, Lynnfield, MA - Construction Management (CMa)
  • Jacobs Project Mgt Co., Boston, MA - Commissioning

Art in Architecture

Declaration of Conscience

The Declaration of Conscience mural is based on Senator Margaret C. Smith’s speech given on the floor of the U.S. Senate on June 1,1950. Her speech championed a return to basic American principles, such as freedom of expression, and cautioned her fellow senators against the abuse of power and privilege. The painting celebrates the red roses she often wore. The roses were painted by children who participated in a series of master classes offered by GSA-commissioned artist Tim Rollins and held at the UMAINE Museum of Art in Bangor and Margaret C. Smith Library in Skowhegan. To create the finished artwork, Rollins and Kids of Survival collaged the students’ watercolor roses over a background papered with facsimiles of Senator Smith’s courageous speech, annotated in her own handwriting. From paper supplies to installation, all funding for this art in architecture portion of the project was spent solely in Bangor.

GSA also commissioned artist R. Scott Baltz, a resident of Somesville on Mount Desert Island, for two oil paintings of major Maine landmarks. His works are displayed in the court's lobby on the third floor.

Moving Sky Mirrored

Opening Sky Stillness

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