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Built in the spirit of America’s top tech startups,
18F is a civic consultancy for government,
enabling agencies to rapidly deploy tools and
services to create great services for the public.

18F business lines include:

Custom Partner Solutions

We provide federal agencies with custom, user-centric customer solutions that address a client’s unique challenges. Some of our recent partnerships include:

  • Federal Election Commission - 18F worked with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) to make campaign finance data more accessible to the public. In October, 18F launched, the first piece in a complete redesign of the FEC’s online presence.

Products and Platforms

We incubate high-demand products and platforms for Office of Products and Programs to scale and institutionalize across government. Recent products we’ve incubated include:

  • - 18F created a government wide Platform-as-a-Service called The platform frees development teams to focus on creating quality services securely hosted in the cloud and uses only FedRAMP authorized, FISMA-ready, hardened machine images, which allows teams to focus on software features and security.
  • Identity and Authentication - A key component of the President's National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC), our identity and authentication platform that is currently in development reduces risks and costs while helping agencies streamline digital authentication.
  • Federalist - 18F created the Federalist platform to provide agencies with an easy way to publish static government websites.

Digital Acquisition Services and Marketplaces

We advise clients on digital acquisitions practices and develops marketplaces for digital development. Some recent accomplishments in this area include:

  • Health and Human Services - 18F worked with the Health and Human Services to help re-write the State of California’s Child Welfare System technology “request for proposal.” The rewrite produced a more agile, modular purchase of the technology and reduced the cost from an anticipated $450 million to an approximate $150 million.
  • Developer Services Marketplace - 18F has created a “blanket purchase agreement” where 18F and 18F customers can access private sector agile technology development and design firms. This marketplace is considered a first of its kind because it accepted live, working code into an open source repository as a means of evaluation and entry rather than the lengthy documentation typically required by acquisition vehicles.

Transformation Services

We embed with agencies to provide a long-term, holistic approach to building digital capacity (people, practices, culture) inside their agency.


We develop and share government-wide lessons learned and best practices to support federal agencies through online materials, workshops, and training sessions.

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