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GSA Acquisitions Aim for Better Government Buying through Online Public Dialog

Today and FAS CIO Acquisitions posted, first Government acquisitions to incorporate Community’s ideas

GSA #16607

March 25, 2010
Contact: Caren Auchman, (202) 501-1231

WASHINGTON — GSA today launched the first two federal acquisitions that will incorporate ideas gathered from the acquisition community and the public through the use of open dialogues.

“By engaging in dialogue with the acquisition community and the public, we can tap into our best source of innovation and fresh ideas," said Martha N. Johnson, Administrator of General Services. “President Obama challenged us to change the way Washington does business; these Better Buy acquisitions will help us to improve the government acquisitions process and provide better solutions for government.”

The BetterBuy Project is an online public dialog that has solicited input on ways to improve government acquisitions. Relying heavily on social media tools to reach a wider audience, the BetterBuy Project receives innovative ideas and approaches from citizens outside of the traditional acquisition community as well as from vendors and GSA customers.

“During the BetterBuy Project’s first phase, it was incredibly exciting to see citizens collaborate in real-time on ideas central to GSA’s mission,” said Mary Davie, Assistant Commissioner for the Office of Assisted Acquisition Services in GSA’s Federal Acquisition Service and the lead for the BetterBuy Project. “Now we can put those ideas into action and continue collaborating throughout the acquisition process to frame better requirements which will result in more creative and innovative solutions.”

The two pilot acquisitions include using a Wiki and other social media to gather feedback and input on ways to improve's data storage and hosting capabilities; the second uses the BetterBuy methodology for market research on behalf of the Federal Acquisition Service's CIO office, which is seeking ways to make its system more efficient and cost effective. Ultimately, the lessons learned from these pilot programs will help GSA identify changes that can improve the overall government acquisition process.

Stay on top of the activities and progress at the BetterBuy acquisitions blog. Participate in the conversation on the BetterBuy Wiki. Follow GSA on Twitter.

The BetterBuy Project is a joint initiative of the National Academy of Public Administration, the American Council for Technology-Industry Advisory Council, and GSA.


GSA provides a centralized delivery system of products and services to the federal government, leveraging its enormous buying power to get the best value for taxpayers.
• Founded in 1949, GSA manages more than one-fourth of the government’s total procurement dollars and influences the management of $500 billion in federal assets, including 8,600 government-owned or leased buildings and 213,000 vehicles.
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Did You Know? GSA provides a centralized delivery system of products and services to the federal government, leveraging its enormous buying power to get the best value for taxpayers

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