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Computers for Learning

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Computer based learning in elementary school classrooms is not a new concept, but the story behind these computers sets them apart from the rest. Students, here at Free Horizon Montessori in Golden, are learning on computers donated by the General Services Administration, through the Computers for Learning Program or CFL. This program, provides gently used government computer equipment to local schools and education based non-profits. The hope is to give kids better access to technology, reuse technology that still has life left, free up school funds, and maximize tax payer dollars. GSA Regional Administrator, Sue Damour, explains that the CFL Program helps GSA work toward its goal of a Zero Environmental footprint. You're really helping us, because we're keeping the landfill cleaner, you're getting more technology and we have a chance to recycle. Dr Cindy Stevenson, the Superintendent of Jefferson County School district, is grateful to partner with GSA through this innovative program, If you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together. And so, Jeffco Schools, we need all of these partners, who help us be a great school district and have great schools A truckload of approximately 80 computers that have an original estimated value of $140,000 were delivered to Free Horizon, by GSA, to help enhance the learning experience for these students. The students work on programs such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and even Excel Free Horizon Principal Jami Boarman explains that technology is key to a child's education, You have to learn how to think in different ways and organize all of the information we get at any given moment and know how to reach it, and grab it and do something with it. The Free Horizon School Board is beaming about the new computers, It gives them an additional tool to use, besides pencil and paper or chalkboard. It's definitely going to improve the educational experience for all of our children The program is proving to be good for the schools, good for government, and good for the environment. The proof is in the children's response, computers add a new and engaging element to the classroom. For all of the students in our school, it will affect many lives from now and in the future.

Local Elementary School Receives Holiday Gift, GSA Donates Surplus Government Computers

December 14, 2011

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Denver, CO – Today, the U.S. General Services Administration Rocky Mountain Region donated close to 80 surplus computers and equipment to Free Horizon Montessori School through the Computers For Learning Program. GSA Regional Administrator Susan Damour delivered the computers to the school at an event with Congressional U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter Aide Hannah Mullen; Free Horizon Principal Jami Boarman; and Superintendent of Jefferson County Public Schools Dr. Cindy Stevenson. This program had given thousands of area school children access to the technology and skills they will need to compete in the 21st century.

“This donation will help students at Free Horizon Montessori School better prepare for the jobs of the future,” said Susan Damour, GSA Regional Administrator. “CFL provides so many benefits including giving kids better access to technology, reusing technical equipment, and maximizing taxpayers’ investment. We hope that more schools will take advantage of the program and that these donations help free up funds for the school to make additional educational investments.”

In addition to the benefits to our schools and students, the CFL program is good for the environment. The program reduces landfill disposal of electronic waste. By some estimates, reusing just one computer prevents 30 lbs of hazardous waste and 77 lbs of solid waste from entering landfills, and prevents over 17 gallons of water and 32 tons of air from being polluted.

In fiscal year 2011, GSA’s Rocky Mountain Region partnered with federal agencies to donate nearly 1500 computers originally worth $1.9 million dollars to various Colorado schools and non-profit organizations. "The donation of these 78 computers and supporting equipment is a game-changer for Free Horizon Montessori, as educational excellence for our students is not a thing we achieve; it is a thing we do,” said Free Horizon Montessori principal, Jami Boarman, “We create excellence when we expand young minds into thinking, being, and dreaming of the world in new and different ways, and I can think of no other tool that so easily puts the universe of possibility at a student’s fingertips. Thank you to GSA and their ‘Computers of Learning’ program. You’ve made an incredible difference for our school.”

The CFL program allows government agencies to donate surplus computers and equipment to schools and some educational nonprofit organizations. The equipment is free; however, schools are responsible for packing and shipping costs. If the equipment is not donated through CFL, it goes to program.

The U.S. General Services Administration is proud to sponsor the CFL program. Interested schools and educational non-profits organizations are encouraged to find more information on this program at the Computers for Learning website. Schools participating in CFL can browse the available equipment at, select what they need and pick up selected items.

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