Enhance GSA's Focus on Data­ Driven Decision making

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GSA continues to make progress in ensuring that data­driven decisions are genuinely at the core of all key business processes. The agency empowers employees to make decisions based on objective facts and strives to ensure access to quality data reporting. GSA team members at all levels will benefit from getting easier access to data from across the organization, encouraging cross­office collaboration and developing new insights. This approach will also generate benefits for GSA customers by increasing speed to access key data, producing consistent GSA­wide findings, and accelerating decisions. To ensure robustness of the data­driven agenda, GSA uses the latest technology to safeguard data, works to optimize data storage and lower costs, and deploys flexible data presentation tools.


  • Put data in the hands of all employees, who can leverage it to make constructive decisions.
  • Provide tools and help develop capabilities to conduct actionable data analyses.
  • Centralize GSA data warehouses to facilitate development of novel connections across multiple datasets.
  • Ensure that accessible, user­friendly dashboards provide regular updates on key metrics of GSA performance.

Progress to Date

GSA has signaled a clear commitment to data­driven decision­making. We have issued agency guidance to institutionalize the principles of effective information management, appointed a dedicated Chief Data Officer, and established purpose­built teams focused on data migrations and reporting capabilities. The agency has also launched a cross­functional senior leadership team to advance data management coordination, and ensure robustness of perspectives on security, data architecture, and business needs. In the larger Federal space, GSA has engaged with the U.S. Chief Data Scientist and the Office of Science and Technology Policy to promote government­wide collaboration and leverage the latest trends in cost­effective cloud technology utilization, customizable data visualizations, and the evolution of decision­making processes.

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