Ensuring Strong Service for Agency Customers

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GSA interacts with millions of customers, including agency acquisition professionals, building tenants, consumers of GSA consulting and technology solutions and the American public at large. By putting customers at the core of our business, GSA can ensure that business lines work together toward common, customer­centric outcomes. Ongoing dialogue with GSA’s customers will generate better performance and savings by designing products aligned with customer expectations.


  • GSA designs and evolves products and processes relying on a data­driven understanding of customer perspectives.
  • Customer­centric thinking becomes a part of “business as usual” and is firmly engrained in GSA operations across business lines.
  • GSA leads by example and works with other Federal government entities to instill a “customer first” mindset across the entire Federal government.

Progress to Date

GSA focuses on strong customer service across business lines. The agency’s Public Buildings Service (PBS) continues the rollout of the Service Delivery Excellence (SDE) initiative with a dedicated national­level point person for each partner agency and a focus on consistency in meeting project delivery expectations. PBS established a goal of 90% project delivery on budget, on time and on green, and a system of tracking progress against the goal nation­wide. GSA redesigned the Tenant Satisfaction Survey and building managers leveraged results to inform action plans aimed at improving service. GSA’s Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) incorporated customer satisfaction in its Strategic Blueprint to ensure consistent focus and regular reporting on progress. GSA established a purpose­built Office of Customer Experience to coordinate work on customer­focus across the agency. The office led hundreds of customer interviews to provide data points for category management plans created by the Federal Acquisition Service (FAS), account management strategies, and views on products delivered via the Office of Citizen Services and Information technology (OCSIT). GSA helped launch the Feedback USA initiative – an interactive real­time tool to gather feedback from users of government services ­ in collaboration with the Department of State (DoS) and Social Security Administration (SSA).

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