Cost Per Person Model

Cost Per Person Model 2.0 (CPPM)

The CPPM is an Excel-based tool designed to enable users to benchmark and compute the cost per person for real estate (workspace), individual information technology, and telecommunications. The CPPM calculates potential cost savings resulting from the use of alternative work environments, such as hoteling or desk sharing. This tool can also calculate potential cost savings for different workspace scenarios.

Alternative workspace costs.

Enables users to compute separately or in aggregate the cost per person for workspace, telecommunications, information technology and alternative workspace costs;

  • Compares the cost of working in an office facility versus alternative workplace environments;
  • Graphically illustrates costs results;
  • Calculates potential cost savings for alternative work environments such as hoteling or desk sharing, and
  • User-friendly manual with step-by-step instructions.

We recommend that you read the Cost Per Person Model 2.0 Users' Manual [PDF - 2 MB] before using the CPP Model.

Click here for the GSA Cost Per Person Model [XLSX - 115 KB].

Last Reviewed: 2022-06-07