Enhancing the Community Benefit of Real Estate Decisions

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Recognizing GSA’s significant economic impact on the neighborhoods in which Federal agencies reside, we will work to maximize our positive impact on communities. The Federal presence within these communities determines where employees go every day and how accessible the jobs in those buildings are to the surrounding communities. GSA will renew efforts to support local and regional planning and economic development goals, wherever possible, through its real estate portfolio decisions.


  • Decisions about Federal agency leases, buildings and tenants should be made with a view to support local economic development goals, where appropriate.
  • GSA should work with local government officials and other Federal agencies to align with existing economic development goals.
  • GSA will clarify how we consider transit access, sustainability, neighborhood connectivity, use of existing resources and broadband.

Progress to Date

Several efforts have positioned GSA to make progress with this initiative in 2016 and beyond. A GSA Order has been issued that outlines the criteria by which potential locations will be evaluated. GSA has identified a number of potential leases that are candidates for relocation to help drive economic growth. In addition, there are capital projects that have been identified as priorities due to their potential impact on economic growth. GSA will continue to look at upcoming projects through this lens as well as doing the following the activities.

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